Omg icees is a powder like ice product inspired by the classic New Orleans “Snoball”
with our La twist of self served shaved ice, we’ve created a unique experience like no other for families and friends:)

With our unique handmade flavors we give a vibrant and flavor filled roller coaster to tastebuds all across socal!

Here at Omg icees we want to be as inclusive as possible to most
dietary needs so to start we assure that our shaved ice Flavors are Dairy, Nut, and Gluten Free.

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Not only is Omg icees unique so are our founders!

Omg icee’s Founded in 2012 by Caché & Mikayla Cummings at 9 and 12 years old (Now 19 and 22). Ten years later we saw it to be perfect to bring back Omg icees bigger and better then EVER! :)